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Меня зовут Анна.
В свободное время занимаюсь вязанием и ручным шитьем, мое особое увлечение - куклы Штайнера (вальдорфские куклы).

13 июля 2009 г.

кукольные ссылки: выкройки и т,д,

Cloth Doll Connection

Free Cloth Doll Patterns
The following patterns are only available on the web links provided here.

Absolute Sweet Cindy
Abstemious little Cindy in the scullery
Advent Elf Pattern
Kimberly Sherrod
Diane Lewis
Angel Kitty
Annie Pin
Jennie 'n Co.
Apple Head, Gourd Head
Susan Thigpen
The Mountain Laurel
Auntie Stressy Anna
Sandra Corson-Walker
Baby Bows
Judi Ward
Baby Pattern
Cathy Lawrence
Stitch 'N Stuff
Baby Spool Doll Pins
Batty Beadelia Pin Doll Pattern Bear Hugs
Antonette Cely
Bear/Bunny/Mouse Angel Pin Big Girl
Bildgewater Bedbug
Kelly Lynn Smith
Black Apple Doll
Judi Wellnitz
Barbara Willis
Bunny Man
Meo Feroy
Buster the Bunny
Debi Schmitz
Butterfly Doll
Vrije Opvoeding
Butterfly Pin
Ute Vasina
Calico Cat
Donna Schramek
Verusca Walker
Cheesecloth Ghost
Tall Mouse
Chollie Dollie
Charlotte Beck
Christmas Angel
Carolyn Englert
Christmas Cat Pillow
Craft & Fabric Links
Christmas Pin Cushon
Cloth Doll Patterns
Assorted Artist
Di McDonald
Country Angels
Craft Projects
from Fairfield
Cuddly Dragons and other AFDenizens Cupid
Diane Lewis
Dammit Doll Dancing Diva Dancing Spirit Doll
Sara Maddocks
Doll Clothes Patterns Doll Making Projects Doll Shoes Patter, 18 inches
Doll Street Doll - Free Patterns
Members of Doll Street
Dolly and Polly
Barb Spencer
Dolly Duo
Judi Sticklen and Rhonda Simonis
Dolly Hugs
Antonette Cely
Dolly Pattern
Dragon Pin
Lee Menconi-Steiger
Dress Form Pin Cushion
Marie Browning
8 Inch Baby Pattern
Stitch 'N Stuff
Barbara Owen
Fabric Doll
Faery Wings
Rivkah Rosenfeld
Diane Lewis
Fairy Faye
Blue Heron Dolls
Rivkah Rosefeld
Fantasy Mushroom Pincushion
Sandy Miller
Felt Hat
Patti LaValley
Fluffyland Doll Pattern
40's Doll Pattern and Clothes Frankenstein
Tall Mouse
Victorian Pleasures
Free Patterns
Judith Prior
Free Patterns
Craft Tales
Carol Clark
Frog Beanie Pattern
Melissa Boyd
Gingerbread Doll Gingerbread Man
Janice Henning
Glorious Gals
from Forest Hollow Studio
Handkerchief Dolls
Susan Thigpen
The Mountain Laurel
Handkerchief Doll Hobbit Sock Doll
Holiday Dolls
Amy Hillard
Michelle Reames
Hung Up on Christmas
Tall Mouse
Indian Girl with Foxes
Arlene's Original Designs
Infant Earrings
Barbara Graff
Jewlery Making
Antonette Cely
Kimono Doll
Kits 'n' Pieces
Karen Bennet
The Knave of Hearts
Karen Shifton
Krystal Christmas Ornament
Sherry Goshen
Kits 'n' Pieces
Lapel Pin Cushion
Marie Browning
Lavender Madeleine
Leafish Elf
Mar-leys Creation
Life-sized baby doll
by Runo
Lil Christmas Ornament
Sherry Goshen
Little Doll
Vrije Opvoeding
Little Frog "Lilly"
Judi Ward
Little Love
Gail Kellison
Lots of Free Stuff!
Doll Street
Lucky Penny Doll
Judy Skeel
De Virginia Zuluaga
Mermaid and Merman
Mesh Candy Santa
Tall Mouse
Ute Vasina
Millinery in Miniature Mini-Alfie Doll Pin
Nancy Laverick
Miniature "POUTY" babies
Jo Anne Hall
Miniature Valalisa
Melinda Small Paterson
Mini Baby Mannequin
Laurie S. Wagner
Mini Maude
Nancy Laverick
Mini Mermaid Japanesque
by Runo
Diane Lewis
Molly Monkey
Molly Scarecrow
Kerry Seymour
Moody the Jester
Vivienne Stewart
Mother Nature
Diane Lewis
Mrs. Bird
Verusca Walker
Myrelda the Mermaid
Sue Niven
Needle Case
Needle Catcher Doll
Charlotte Beck
Patti LaValley
Master Rugmaker, Diana Blake Gray
No Picture, No Directions Pattern
Anne-Marie Brombal
Nun Doll Accessories
Dollmaker's Journey
Nutcracker Ballet
Sandy Corson-Walker
Pansy Pincushion
The Stitchin' Post
Paper Dolls Peaches Ballerina Angel
Judi Ward
Colleen Babcock
Pinocchio and Jimminy
Cheryl Matson
Plantation Dolls Poseable Guardian Angel
Mary Ann Kaahanui and
Bonnie B. Lewis
Punkin Zelda
Debi Schmit
Punkin Pin
Ute Vasina
Quirky Guy
Pamela Hastings
Rag Doll
Circle Of Crafters
Rag Doll Snowmen Ornaments
AOK Corral Craft
Raggmuffins Pin Doll
Sandra Corson - Walker
Revoluzzzionary Easter Bunny
Rockford Red Heel Sock Elephant Roland Le Ratte
Jane Adamo
Tall Mouse
Santa Claus
Sara the VIP Heirloom Doll
Cranston Village
Lisa Juris
Silly Girl
Missy Ballance
Skating Snowman
Sandra Corson-Walker
Slim Santa
Snow Angel Trio
Kathleen George
Snow Folks
Better Homes & Garden
Snowman Pin Doll
Connie Welch
Soul Mates Doll Pin
Patti LaValley
Spring Wreath With Sprites
Arlene's Original Designs
Stick Pins
Ruth Prest
Stuffed Doll Pin Jewelry
from Forest Hollow Studio
Surf Side Suz
Andrea Perkins
Sweet Annie
Marie Altfather
Tall Boy
Tea Cozy Doll
Teddy Bears
Many Links
Thanksgiving Pilgrims
Debi Schmitz
Threadbare Dolls
Heather Gailey
Topsy Turvy
Barbara Johnston
Traditional African Dolls
Tall Mouse
Valentine Doll Pin
Karen Samuelson
Valentine Fairy
Cathy Montgomery
Waldorf-style Dollmaking
The Silver Penny
Wall Angel
Marilyn Nicholson
Web of Angels Wee Bunny
Hillary Lang
What a Guy
Mary Tressler
Barbara Willis
Wild Art Dolls
Aisling D'Art
Witch in a Basket Display Wizard of Oz dolls
Chiharu Kikuchi
Wool-Stuffed Doll
Xmas Elf
Helen-Carol Soucy
Zaftic Fairy
Patti LaValley
Zewy Sewy
Cathy J. Montgomery

Hints & Tips
Attaching Arms and Legs
Bobbins & Bears
Attaching Heads
Bobbins & Bears
Belly Buttons
Anne-Marie Brombal
Cloth Doll Hands
Melinda Small Paterson
Lisa Hertzi
Design a Doll in Exact Proportion to the Human Body
Dolls of Valor
Designing Cloth Dolls
Designs by Phyllis
Dollmakers Toolbox
by Karen Wooton
Dollmaking Techniques
From A to Z

Mimi Winer
Drawing Doll Faces
Kits 'n' Pieces
Fabric Dyeing
Doll Street
Fabric Dyeing in the Microwave
The Cotton Club
Doll Eyelashes
Pat Linton
Sammy's Designs
How To Make Shaped Felt Hats For Dolls
Patricia Nelson
Felting Tips
Ayala Talpai
Hair Loom
Stitch 'N Stuff
Hints & Tips
elinor peace bailey
Hints & Tips
Gail Wilson
Making Hands
Judy Ward
Painting Cloth Dolls
Linda Johnson
Painting Facial Features
Sue McFadden
Photographing Your Dolls
Mimi Winer
How To Create A Print Pattern and E-Pattern
Linda Walsh Originals
Shoe Making for Cloth Dolls
Antonette Cely
Stuffing Techniques
elinor peace bailey
Things your mum
forgot to tell you!

Joy Martin
Tips and Tricks for Dollmakers
Art Dolls
Tips & Tools
from Forest Hollow Studio
Turning Tiny Hands
Edwina Sutherland
Work Book of
Hints & Tips

Antonette Cely

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